Kitchen Think Tank

Our Kitchen Think Tank (KTT) creates a passion for fresh, flavorful food, while respecting our sustainable future through diverse and innovative leadership. Through KTT, customers enjoy fresh foods prepared “from scratch” and the Gold Standards of delivery for which Parkhurst is known.

From Asian, Italian, and American cuisine, to exciting fusion and vegetarian dishes, KTT has helped to develop several food programs, prepared from scratch with an emphasis on using food from local farms and artisans to ensure freshness.

With KTTs guidance, our skilled and talented chefs and bakers prepare an exceptional dining experience using farm-fresh foods and other natural ingredients that yield flavorful and wholesome meals. Burgers are fresh, never frozen. Our guests enjoy the aroma of freshly baked breads, pastries and muffins on site. Fresh-dough pizza and pasta dishes using classic recipes with homemade sauces are prepared each day. And global cuisine recipes are prepared authentically with raw ingredients and cooking techniques.