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Parkhurst Dining First Contract Dining Provider in North America to Achieve CHECKED by NSF™

Parkhurst Dining has successfully completed NSF’s CHECKED by NSF™ program and is proudly the first North American Contract Dining Company to have done so. This verifies that participating businesses and institutions have taken the necessary steps to reopen and stay open while minimizing COVID-19 risk for their customers, guests and employees.

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Using Machine Learning To Feed Families in Need

In partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, United Way, and Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, over 6,000 meals per month are packaged and delivered to senior citizens, K-12 students, and families who would otherwise rely on schools for free meals. It has since expanded to also include dinners that feed a family of four, meals that are also produced by Parkhurst at the PNC Firstside location.

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