Know Your Source

At Parkhurst, we are passionate about food. We believe that the decisions we make regarding where our food comes from, how it’s sourced and how it’s prepared have a direct impact on the health of our communities, environment, and guests. Because of this, our “Know Your Source” purchasing philosophy is critical to the way we do business. There are two distinct programs that bring this philosophy to life:

FarmSource Partners: grow, raise, or catch our produce, dairy, eggs, seafood, and meat. They allow us to serve the freshest and highest quality products to our guests. 

Forged Partners: are family and independently owned artisan makers. They allow us to introduce our guests to creative, unique, and exciting products.

 Within each program, we seek to partner with growers and producers within our operating region who share our passion for food, our commitment to excellence and who foster diversity and inclusion within their company and in their community.  And, of course, each must align to our company’s Core Values.  Ultimately, we strive to source 20% of our total spend from local partners. Local Partners are growing, creating, and producing within 100 of miles of the Parkhurst unit where the product is being featured on the menu.