Higher Education

Dining is an essential part of the college campus, to keep students fueled for the demands of the academic, athletic, and social success, while also serving as a convener and hub for the entire campus community. It’s also an essential part of the decision-making process for prospective students and their parents – and we look at it as a differentiator. 

Our students, staff, faculty, and campus guests will find a robust variety of food choices including the fan favorites that provide extra comfort, customizable options for meals, and global cuisines and ingredients that offer authentic tastes of adventure – without having to leave campus. If you’ve made a lifestyle choice or have a specific dietary need, our menu labeling makes navigating the wide variety of offerings easy, while our team members and culinarians are educated and able to ensure safely prepared food for your needs and preferences.   

Our expert catering services ensure that every event on campus, from a student club meeting or department luncheon to an alumni gala or wedding, is totally customized and thoughtfully planned to the smallest detail. 

We work closely with our partners to adopt the culture, traditions, and spirit of our campus communities while bringing our own creative events and innovative programs to dazzle and delight students. Dining spaces are designed to foster an atmosphere of openness and inclusion, serving as a welcoming place to connect, build relationships, and recharge. We openly source and respond to feedback and requests to help us evolve - ensuring that the dining program is an asset and highlight to the university experience. 

Learn how Parkhurst can make dining a differentiator for your private college or university.