Allergies & Sensitivities

One of our most important core values at Parkhurst Dining is “We Care about People.”  As a food provider and dining partner, this core value comes to life in our kitchens and dining rooms every day, providing our guests with fresh and flavorful meals.  However, this responsibility goes beyond placing food on plates – it’s more important than that.  At Parkhurst Dining, our “duty of care” for our guests is to truly understand the importance of preparing dishes safely and clearly marking these meals with the appropriate allergen information.  We want our guests to feel confident that their special dietary needs are being met.  Whether our guests have made a lifestyle choice or have specific dietary needs, that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying our food.    

To help our guests make the right choices when it comes to food allergens and intolerances, our dining areas have dedicated safe zones where they have access to a variety of food options to fit their needs.  Our Allergen-friendly Zone offers guests their favorite packaged goods, clearly labeled with allergen markers.  For a fresh and delicious meal, our guests have access to our Clean Plate station where the entrées and sides are prepared fresh in our kitchens, certified allergen-free by Kitchens with Confidence.    

At Parkhurst, we are not only dedicated to providing amazing and fresh meals to our guests, but also to ensure their dietary needs are met on a daily basis.