Culinary Leadership Team

Our Culinary Leadership Team is responsible for honoring our rich history of sustainable practices and custom, chef-driven concepts and menus, while also driving a future of innovation and growth.  

The team includes culinarians and operators that have been with us since ‘96side-by-side with new talent, a variety of departments, and a diverse range of voices. Developing recipes and brands is just the tip of the iceberg – it's this team’s job to uphold our culture of culinary excellence. Chef Engagement events, vendor & food shows, strong sourcing & sustainability standards, and allergen safety play a huge part in our continued success as a contract dining service.  

Chef Engagement Events

Parkhurst Family Meal, December, 2019
Nova Place, Pittsburgh, PA




In order to Create Authentic Culinary Experiences, our CLT must kick things off right at home - with Chef engagement events! These events are designed to harbor relationships, spark culinary innovation across our footprint, and create an environment of innovation and inclusivity.


At The Family Meal event in 2019, that meant coming together around a crowded table (and a crowded kitchen) to share recipes, techniques, and warm memories.