About Us

Born from restaurant roots and founded by skilled chefs, Parkhurst Dining is a leading contract food service provider in the mid-Atlantic region fueling the success and innovation of our partners in colleges, universities and corporations with made-from-scratch food and genuine hospitality. 


On the plate, we showcase our passion for food with meals that are fresh, wholesome, and hand-crafted by talented and passionate chefs. We don’t shy away from investing time into our craft, knowing that our hand-tossed pizza dough, fresh soup stock, and hand-breaded chicken and fish set us apart and help to define our who we are. Building upon this strong foundation, our culinarians embrace trends, seasons, global flavors, local ingredients, and novelty food experiences to bring robust variety to our menus. 

Our dining experiences are intentional, and are designed to energize our guests, foster relationship-building and community around the dining table, and celebrate milestones - both big and small. Each dining program is highly customized to support the needs, goals, and priorities of each client partner. Menus are thoughtfully and creatively tailored to individual dining locations and offer flexibility and variety for every appetite, including guests with personal dietary needs or allergies. 

With the strength of a large company and an established culture for caring for people and the communities we serve; each partner is a name – not a number. We are small enough to build personal relationships and customize partnerships, and large enough to deliver on our promises. By guaranteeing a highly personalized approach to contract dining services, our success is predicated on recruiting and retaining a highly motivated, diverse and caring team to delivery impeccable guest service. 

Our Core Values sum up what we're truly passionate about and what we strive for every day. From our Know Your Source program to our Culinary Gold Standards, please feel welcome to explore, learn, and contact us with any questions at all. We're so excited to have you here! 

Our Core Values

We Care About People
We are Passionate about Food
We Seek Innovation
We are Fiscally Responsible
We Advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion