Parkhurst Dining First Contract Dining Provider in North America to Achieve CHECKED by NSF™

With contract dining services deeply affected by COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to earn the public’s trust. Parkhurst Dining is the first and only contract dining company in North America that has successfully completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 requirements for the Checked by NSF™ program.  The distinction reflects that Parkhurst has taken the necessary steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 among their customers, guests and employees. 

During Phase 1, the COVID-19 Safety Response Plan Review, National Sanitation Foundation reviewed the Parkhurst Guest Trust Roadmap – a comprehensive 33-page operations guide. Completion of Phase 2 means the Parkhurst locations have successfully implemented the required safety procedures, policies and training and can display the Checked by NSF™ signage on site, a sticker that carries a tremendous accomplishment and peace of mind.

“There’s no shortage of guidance from public health authorities, but businesses often need help operationalizing the guidance and applying it to their own unique situations,” said Paul Medeiros, Managing Director of NSF International’s Consulting and Technical Services group. We work with companies that want to be sure they are taking the appropriate steps to minimize COVID-19 risk for their customers and employees. By participating in our Checked by NSF™ program, Parkhurst Dining is demonstrating its commitment quality, health and safety.”

That commitment started extremely early in the pandemic. Developed by the Parkhurst Guest Trust Taskforce, the Guest Trust Roadmap included a multidisciplinary approach, pulling together a team of experts within the Parkhurst Dining organization. This was comprised of leaders from Operations, Marketing, Communications, Safety & Sanitization and Supply Chain. Our preparedness across client locations includes:

  • Supply chain resources for masks, gloves, touchless thermometers, plexi-glass barriers and disinfectant as well as guidance on thoughtful menu planning to account for disruptions to the supply chain. 
  • A powerful toolkit from our award-winning Safety and Security team, including a Daily COVID-19 Compliance Checklist, State-by-State guidance document regularly updated with changing guidelines, and COVID-19 specific team member training elements. 
  • The development of our Safety Ambassador program to designate team members at each site in a role that requires educating guests and fellow team members about what is different, what they can do to stay safe, and what Parkhurst has done to keep them safe.
  • Strategic Communications Plans spanning daily, weekly, monthly and as needed touchpoint rhythms for team members, guests, and client stakeholders. 
  • Guest-facing signage communicating safety measures and the addition of a photo on team member name badges to show the smiling face beneath the mask. 
  • Reduced Contact Catering menus that prioritize safety without sacrificing quality, freshness, variety or visual appeal.

"While safety is our #1 priority, our COVID-19 response has touched every aspect of our business," says Mark Broadhurst, COO of Parkhurst Dining. "We also focused on taking care of our team members, reimagining campus traditions and finding new avenues for human connection, and supporting the needs of our communities and partners - it's been a comprehensive approach."